Friday, April 20, 2012

Spring Seeding Bonanza

Direct-seeding French Sorrel.
Over the course of these past two weeks, we have direct-seeded a plethora of crops into the ground.  The full list thus far includes: main crops - Fava plants, Bloody Dock, Sheep Sorrel, French Sorrel, Sugar Ann Peas, Red Leprechaun lettuce; herbs - Papalo, Garlic Chives, New Belt Chives, regular Chives, Black Cumin, Sweet Mace, Winter Chervil, Dill; flowers - Empress of India Nasturtium, Kablouna Calendula, Mix Color Pincushion; trial crops - Sugar Daddy peas & Asparagus peas.  And it's only mid-April!  We have plenty more to seed and transplant this month and will keep you posted on our new additions.

We are so pleased to be building a diverse farm that we believe will push the envelope for seasonal farming in our region.  For example, since lettuce is a cool-weather crop by nature, our CSA members will see head lettuce and salad mix in the Spring and Fall when their flavors are optimal, but not during the heat of summer.  This doesn't mean you won't be seeing greens in the summer, rest assured: CSA members will delight in receiving hot-weather-lovers like Malabar Spinach in the hot season.  Three Plaid strives to grow in concert with nature, and we are enthused to have you share the fruits of our labor with us.  Stay tuned for more posts about the benefits of farming seasonally.

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