Monday, January 20, 2014

What's up, 2014? Shares for sale!

It's hard to believe it's 2014. I'm still not sure about the whole thing when I'm assaulted with the rare occasion of writing the date down. It's jarring.

But you know what January means, don't you? If you're a dedicated CSA member, I hope you do. This is a quiz.

OK, I'm a bad teacher, I admit it. This isn't a quiz anyway. January means we're ordering seeds and planning the farm. Updating marketing materials. Solidifying partnerships. Working other jobs. Moving. Attending events. Buying rubber boot slipovers because our newish boots can't hold up to the physical beating we put them through in the winter. And all the other stuff in life. January is crazy. I mean, it's not July crazy--let's not get carried away. But January has its own set of craziness that really lights a fire under our asses.

Speaking of moving, we moved the farm yet again. We are now officially suburban farmers. A nice family who had a few extra acres in the middle of unincorporated Winfield, Ill. thought it would make a good sustainable farm, and we agreed. Care and I both grew up in the Chicago area and have lots of friends and family in the immediate area. Plus, our wonderful CSA members are close. So, we hope this encourages all of you to come out and visit, since we'll be not far from all of you. I will pick you up if I have to. In a vehicle that mostly runs OK.

So, as you can tell from the tabs above and the title of this thing, 2014 shares are for sale now. Please get in early, as we need help with all this January craziness, and affording seeds, and building a new greenhouse, and paying our bills, and so on. Also, we are expecting to sell out thanks to our new location. Previous members, we want you back if you liked us. Because we love you. You helped us grow into the beautiful thing we are now.

We've added the option of paying for your share with a credit/debit card securely via PayPal and filling out the signup form online. Of course, paying by check (the payment plan is still available) and mailing in your form are still options as well. 

Pickup cities will be the same as last year, aside from the farm now being in Winfield. We encourage all you west suburbanites to pick up at the farm so you can see the progress of your farm throughout the year. We are also adding a new pickup spot in Arlington Heights. All pickups will be on Wednesday afternoon/evening. Specific times and locations are still being worked out, but rest assured, we will email you as soon as we get the details down.

Any questions, ask away in the comments. Or email us. Or call. (Please note our email and phone number are different this year.)   Stay warm!

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