Sunday, February 9, 2014

Things are about to get moving

Tonight it's supposed to get down to -7 out here in the middle of nowhere. Tomorrow night: -10. And yet, we're supposed to start our first seeds in about two weeks. It seems insane--a completely untenable situation. In fact, if we don't escape this seemingly permanent polar vortex, I just don't see how it's even feasible to heat a greenhouse when the nights are this cold, especially considering the shortage and skyrocketing prices of propane. Might as well burn cash money in a very small pit for heat instead. I'm personally hoping for a warming trend and a shift in the jet stream.

Either way we will be occupying our new farmland in just a couple short weeks so we can start the season out promptly and right. We're getting excited and really can't wait for it to start.

Shortly after the first seeds are planted, we'll be attending the Good Food Festival in Chicago for the second straight year. Please stop by and visit us. We'll be out there on Saturday, March 15 as part of a group of about a dozen other farms who offer CSAs (not just veggies, but also meat and grain) in the Chicago area. Consider it the official CSA fair in Chicagoland.

That same night, after the festival, we'll be participating in the second annual Band of Farmers at the Hideout in Chicago. There will be lots of legitimate, talented farmers performing music and comedy. We will also be doing something on stage--though, I won't use the words talent or legitimate to describe our future performance.

CSA signups are rolling in. Thanks to those of you who have gotten in early and helped us buy seeds and purchase all the supplies we need to start the year out right. But there's still time to sign up and help us build the proper foundation for this year. The earlier you get in, the more it helps us plan and implement.

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