Friday, January 16, 2015

2015 Promises Good Things

Fall field, October 2014
Well here we are again, standing on the cusp of yet another season. Our fourth, to be precise. And what comes with this fourth season is something pretty spectacular: Three Plaid has stayed put for the first time in its little existence. What does that mean? Well, without having the stresses of a big farm move, we are able to take the normal spring to-do-list--seed purchase, updating marketing materials, planning for the upcoming season--in stride.

But what's even more special is the familiarity that comes with having farmed this land before. Unlike in previous years, we know what we are up against. Namely, we know our soil intimately. We are familiar with the lay of the land. We know what inputs we will add to increase the fertility and workability of our soil. Every year prior has been a big guessing game. All organic farmers experience this at one time or another, especially when first farming land that was not organically farmed before.

There is a large learning curve, and you either make it or you hobble through and know how to adjust the following year. 2014 was a challenging season on new land, and we also had to deal with one of the wettest Chicagoland summers on record, but we sure did learn a lot. We're pretty pleased to be settling down for the time being, so at long last we can focus on nurturing this beautiful piece of land. We are confident our produce will be even healthier and more robust for it! We're both looking forward to making this coming CSA season a success and hope you'll join in!

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