2018 CSA info

Week 9 CSA share, 2015

About Three Plaid
In-season veggies are harvested just as they develop abundant nutrients and peak flavor. Grocery stores (all of them) have nothing on us. We think it's important for our neighbors to have the tastiest, healthiest food available.

When you sign up for a CSA share you aren’t simply a customer—you're a member. And as a member of the farm we encourage you to be involved. This can mean anything from writing us an email telling us what you thought of that crazy looking root veggie in the previous share to coming out to the farm and helping us plant, weed, and harvest. We are your farmers. Want us to grow a particular variety? Let us know, and we'll consider growing it next year.

We strive to grow our produce in concert with nature. We will never use any synthetic chemicals on our crops. We keep things simple and sensible by practicing crop rotation, companion planting, and cover-cropping, and all our farm waste gets composted and eventually returned to the soil.

What to expect in 2018
  • 20 weeks of produce (for a family of four on a mixed diet or a couple of vegetarians) from mid-June through October
  • A wide array of heirloom/open-pollinated crops. We're growing over 300 varieties this year!
  • Herbs, teas (herbal), and flowers to go along with your veggies
  • Extensive weekly newsletters with updates from the farm, individual crop descriptions with photos of each item, storage tips, and recipes for the current share
  • Experienced farmers willing to answer all your questions and show you the farm

A typical share will contain 8-12 items and can be picked up weekly at various spots around the burbs (or home delivery in Chicago if you also purchase a Wednesday meat/egg CSA share with Mint Creek Farm). Can't do a full share? Split one with a friend (literally; or alternate weeks).

We understand that pocketbooks aren't always flowing, so we've come up with a few payment options that will hopefully make purchasing a share a bit easier. Purchase options include:

  • payment in full ($720) by check or credit card
  • payment in two installments--a check for $360 and the remaining balance of $360 by May 1
  • payment in three installments--a check for $240, the second installment of $240 by May 1, and the remaining balance of $240 by June 1