Mint Creek

Songbirds take flight in Mint Creek pasture

Get meat & eggs with your vegetables!

We have a close relationship with Mint Creek Farm--a sustainable, pasture-based livestock operation near Kankakee. We've worked for them, love them like family, and believe in what they do, so we're happy to expand offerings of an optional meat/egg CSA add-on for our members. You can get most of your major food staples in one weekly delivery/pick up!

Why Purchase a Mint Creek Farm CSA share?
As a CSA member you receive a sizable discount by committing to a monthly share of a diverse selection of their organic, pasture-raised meats. Your commitment also provides special support to the farm, helping them continue to farm Illinois prairie pasture on a small scale while providing attentive care and exclusively certified organic, non-GMO feed for all the farm animals.

How will you pick up shares?
Three Plaid members near Wilmette, Glen Ellyn, and Winfield looking to add on Mint Creek shares can conveniently pick up your meat/egg CSA at your pickup spots alongside your Three Plaid shares. If you live in the city of Chicago and would prefer delivery, Mint Creek can deliver your Three Plaid shares to your doorstep alongside your Mint Creek shares. You can conveniently select your choice on Mint Creek's website.

How can you learn more and make a purchase?
Learn about Mint Creek's CSA program! There are multiple packages to choose from, so click here for a full listing. If there’s a particular meat you do not want included in your CSA, please notify them by email. If you would rather have one type of meat, they recommend that you purchase a whole or half animal of your liking. This way you can customize what cuts you get at an affordable price.

Mint Creek will no longer be distributing KILGUS dairy products. or call 815.953.5682

**Purchases are made directly through Mint Creek, so make sure you select how you'd like to receive your share (pickup or, if you live in Chicago, delivery) on their website.

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