2018 Crop List

UPDATED! We are growing more than 300 cultivars for the 2018 season! We will be making changes based on previous years' growing experience on this land (for instance, the muskmelons/cantaloupes just don't grow well here, and will be replaced by watermelons exclusively). While we strive to be 100% successful, we can't guarantee every variety will make it into your shares (weather, pests, and disease often have something to say in the matter).

Fennel seedlings, looking all beautiful

Roquette, Surrey, Wasabi

Asian Greens
Prize Choy pac choy, Early mizuna, Dark Purple Mizuna, shungiku, tokyo bekana, mibuna, yukina savoy, tatsoi, komatsuna

Beans (shell)
Taylor Dwarf shell bean, Henderson Bush butter bean, Rattlesnake shell bean

Albino, Golden Grex, Boldor, 3 Root Grex, Cylindra, Detroit Dark Red, Early Wonder Tall Top

Calabrese, Umpqua

Brussels Sprouts
Long Island, Roodnerf

Early Jersey Wakefield, Frigga Savoy, Mammoth Red Rock, Golden Acre

Caracas, Atomic Red, Shin Kuroda, Yellowstone, Snow White

Purple of Sicily

Celery/Celery Root
Tall Utah celery, Pink Plume celery, Mars celeriac

Barese, Bright Yellow, Bali, Argentata, Peppermint

Champion, Ole Timey Blue

Muncher, Green Finger, Little Leaf

Applegreen, Listada de Gandia, Thai Green, Diamond

Perfection, Grosfruchtiger (leaf)

Flowers (cut, annual)
Double Click Cranberry cosmos, Black Knight scabiosa, bee's friend, Chinese Forget-Me-Not, Eternity Improved celosia, Forest Fire Cockscomb celosia, California poppy, sweet alyssum, Purple Top verbena, Blue Bedder salvia, Blue Boy bachelor's buttons, Princess Mix calendula, Zeolights calendula, Resina calendula, Giant Dahlia Flowered Coral zinnia, Benary's Giant Wine zinnia, Apricot strawflower, Fireball strawflower

Flowers (cut, perennial)
Colorado Mix yarrow, angelica, catmint, butterfly weed, Prairie Blazingstar, Burgundy blanketflower, Maltese Cross, Panorama Monarda, Black-Eyed Susan, Goldsturm rudbeckia, Red Milkweed, New England aster

Pineapple ground cherries, Earliglow strawberries, Galletta strawberries (see melons below)

Polish Hardneck, Uncle Pete, Chesnok, Russian Red, White German

Herbs (culinary)
Eleonora basil, Sweet Dani Lemon basil, Cardinal basil, Everleaf basil, Lime basil, black cuminBouquet dill, Hera dill, Peione parsley, Krausa parsley, papalo, Santo cilantro, Confetti coriander, Vertissimo chervil, French sorrel, Bloody dock, Italian oregano, Extrakta sage, lovage, chives, Winter savory, French thyme, Sweet marjoram

Herbs (medicinal & teas)
Sacred basil, Zloty Lan chamomile, English lavender, lemon balm, borage, catnip, White yarrow, Pineapple sage, lemon verbena, peppermint, anise hyssop, hyssop

Ragged Jack (Red Russian), Black Magic, Olympic Red, Delaway

Azur-Star, Superschmelz

Blue Solaise, Tadorna, Giant Musselburgh, King Richard

Lettuce (head)
Pablo Batavian, Cherokee, Concept, New Red Fire, Red Iceberg, Cardinale Batavian

Lettuce (looseleaf)
Australian Yellowleaf, Blushed Butter Cos, Blushed Butter Oak, Green Deer Tongue, Hyper Red Rumple Waved, Italienischer, Devil's Ear, Really Red Deer Tongue, Garrison, Outredgeous,
 Rossimo, Majestic Red Romaine

Blacktail Mountain, Sweet Siberian, Small Shining Light, Sweet Dakota Rose

Green Wave, Red Splendor, Dragon Tongue, Red Giant, Ruby Streaks, Spicy Green

Yellow of Parma, Dakota Tears, & Rossa di Milano storage; Rossa Lunga di Tropea & Ailsa Craig fresh; Evergreen Hardy & Red Welsh perennial bunchers; Parade & Crimson Forest bunching onions

Alderman (shell), Sugar Snap, Sugar Magnolia

Peppers (hot)
Hidalgo Serrano, Habanero Red, Hungarian Hot Wax, Ho Chi Minh Cayenne, Lemon Drop,
Bulgarian Carrot

Peppers (medium)
Beaver Dam, Ancho poblano, Hot Portugal, Fish

Peppers (sweet)
Wisconsin Lakes, Topepo Rosso. Tolli's Sweet Italian, Stocky Red Roaster, Sweet Pimiento, Peacework, Corno di Toro, Lively Italian Yellow, Orange Picnic, Golden California Wonder, Bull Nose, Buran, Odessa Market

Perennial Trees, Bushes, Vegetables & Fruits (planted 2016)
Cox's Orange Pippin, Opalescent, Honeycrisp, & Winthrop (apples); Vavilov, Seckel, Bosc, & Dana Hovey (pears); Mount Royal & Stanley (plums); Blackgold Sweet & Cornelian (cherries); Blueray, Elizabeth, Jersey, Nelson, Patriot, St Cloud (blueberries); Boyne, Nova, Royalty Purple (raspberries); Berry Blue & Borealis (honeyberries); Madison (peach); Glaskins Perpetual & Victoria (rhubarb); American Chestnut, American Hazelnut, & Black Walnut (nut trees); Caucasian Mountain Spinach; Earliglow & Galletta (strawberries)

Red Gold, Adirondack Red, Adirondack Blue, Oneida Gold, Peter Wilcox

Sora, Pink Beauty, Plum Purple, D'Avignon, Watermelon, Ping Pong

Joan, Magres, Helenor

America, Butterflay, Giant Winter, Verdil

Summer Squash
Tromboncino, Success Straightneck, Midnight Lightning, Cocozelle, Vert et Blanc

Sweet Potato
Varieties Coming Soon

Purple Blush, Purple, & Dr Wyche's Yellow

Tomatoes (slicers, large-xlarge)
Persimmon, Dester, Crnkovic Yugoslavian, Hungarian Heart, Weisnicht's Ukranian, Kellogg's Breakfast, Mark Twain

Tomatoes (slicers, medium-large)
Soldacki, Paul Robeson, Pruden's Purple, Golden Jubilee, German Johnson, Great White, Cosmonaut Volkov, Cherokee Green, Tasty Evergreen, Weaver's Black Brandywine

Tomatoes (slicers, small-medium)
Redfield Beauty, Moskvich, Jaune Flamme, Japanese Trifele Black, Eva Purple Ball, Black Prince, Rose de Berne, Ukranian Purple, Nyagous, Pink Boar

Tomatoes (cherry)
White Cherry, Bing, Gold Nugget, Pink Princess, Honeydrop, Blush, Black Cherry, Velvet Red, Brown Berry

Hinona Kabu, Des Vertus, Hidabeni, Red Round, Gold Ball, Shogoin

Winter Squash
Waltham & Honeynut butternut, Thelma Sanders & Table Queen acorn, Crown pumpkin, Jack Straw pumpkin, Jarrahdale, Lower Salmon River, Sibley, Sweet Fall, Black Futsu, Honey Boat

Miscellaneous Greens
Malabar spinach (green), Wrinkled Crinkled Crumpled cress, Treviso radicchio